Grumpy Mule is produced by Bolling Coffee Ltd, one of the leading independent roasters of high quality, fresh coffees to the food service industry in the UK.

The roastery is situated in the small Yorkshire town of Meltham, right on the very edge of the Peak District National Park, just a couple of miles from the tourist centre of Holmfirth and the main local town of Huddersfield.

Grumpy Mule coffees are roasted in batches to suit their individual characteristics. The company has taken inspiration from the world of wine to ensure that customers can discover the distinctive character and provenance of each coffee by providing background about the place it was grown and the people who produced it. Most of these coffees aren’t just blends or characterless single origin coffees, but coffees from identifiable farms, estates and cooperatives of smallholder farmers. Ian says: “Here at Grumpy Mule, we roast and pack our own coffee which is vital to quality, consistency and for developing relationships with coffee growers.

Harrison's currently stock Colombian, Ethiopian, Brasilian and Espresso varieties in Beans and Ground.  All packs are priced at £4.50


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